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June 29, 2020


3 Months, Online
4-6 hours per week

Why Enroll for the Python for Data Analytics course?

Everyone wants to succeed in business, but this fast-moving digital world requires new skills. Are you ready to develop an in-depth understanding of how to leverage the data from your business? Whether you are a manager, a product engineer, a business analyst, a consultant, or a student, you will benefit from the skills to gain insights from your data through analytics.

As the top-ranked programming language, Python allows you to analyze very large data sets and create visualizations to move you and your organization forward. Whether you are a first-time programmer or someone with experience in other languages, the Python for Data Analytics certificate course will give you the foundation to move ahead with confidence.


Who is this Course for?


is Python’s year-over-year-growth rate in usage.



of developers use Python and 25% want to learn it, according to Stack Overflow.


Your Learning Journey

100 Recorded Video Lectures

35 Application

25+ Discussions

12 Live Online Teaching Sessions

4 Quizzes

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the Data Scientist’s Toolbox:
    Explain the essential skillsets of a data scientist, data science tools, and industry applications
  • Quick Number Crunching:
    Use built-in and custom functions to perform common tasks and analyses in Python
  • Conduct Analysis Using NumPy:
    Conduct basic statistical analysis using the popular NumPy library
  • Manipulate Data Using Pandas:
    Reshape, slice, pivot, and filter data using the Pandas library
  • Create Visualizations Using Matplotlib:
    Create visualizations using the Matplotlib library
  • Discover the Variability:
    Quantify the probability of a given outcome using probability theory
  • Test Your Conclusions:
    Use hypothesis testing to determine the reliability of your conclusions
  • Use Data to Achieve Insights:
    Write Python functions to analyse and visualize data, and derive simple insights



Python for Data Analytics Course Certificate


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