31 March 2020


2 Months, Online
4-6 hours per week

Why Enroll for the Python for Data Science course?

Python is a versatile programming language preferred by programmers and tech companies around the world, from startups to behemoths. Data scientists use it extensively for data analysis and insight generation, while many companies choose it for its ease of use, extensibility, readability, openness, and the completeness of its standard library.

This course is designed by EMERITUS in collaboration with DataCamp. All live online teaching sessions will be delivered by Course Leaders from EMERITUS, while recorded video lectures will be delivered by data science experts from DataCamp.


Who is this Course for?


fastest growing programming language



increase in data science jobs by 2020



developers use & want to use Python

SOURCE: economist

Your Learning Journey

8 Live Online Teaching Sessions

124 Recorded Video Lectures

32 Practice Datasets

2 Career Guidance Sessions

504 Interactive Exercises

1 Application Assignment

If you are unable to attend the live sessions, a recording of the session would be made available on the EMERITUS Learning Management System.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Python
  • Module 2: Intermediate Python for Data Science
  • Module 3: Python Data Science Toolbox
  • Module 4: Pandas Foundations
  • Module 5: Manipulating Dataframes with Pandas
  • Module 6: Introduction to Data Visualization With Python
  • Module 7: Cleaning Data in Python
  • Module 8: Statistical Thinking in Python

There are no technical prerequisites for this course; it can be taken by anyone aspiring to enter the fields of data science & machine learning.


Course Leader

Mona Khalil
Mona Khalil
Course Leader, EMERITUS

Mona is a data scientist passionate about using data and analytics to improve wellbeing for communities. She has worked in education, government, and consulted in marketing/advertising over the past few years. She completed a bachelor's and a master's degree in psychology & is currently working as a Data Scientist at Greenhouse Software, where she helps organizations improve their hiring processes using data.


Python for Data Science Course Certificate


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